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Hot Kiss Images Biography
Moon Hee Jun 
Position: Leader[/ 
Full Name: Moon Hee Jun 
Nickname: Gizmo 
Sibblings: One younger sister 
Birthday: March 14, 1978 
Height: 173 cm 
Weight: 59kg 
Blood Type: B 
Religion: Buddist 
School: Seoul Fine Arts 
Hobbies: Asking other people about their hobbies, writing songs, baseball, listening to music 
Ideal Girl: An innocent girl who's around 160-170cm tall and looks pretty in hip-hop clothes 
Lee Jae Won 
Position: Rapper 
Full Name: Lee Jae Won 
Nickname: Kuk Da Ri, Moon Nuh 
Sibblings: One older sister 
Birthday: April 5, 1980 
Height: 182cm 
Weight: 60kg 
Blood Type: A 
Religion: Christian 
School: Kyunggi University 
Hobbies: Computers, listening to music, soccer 
Ideal Girl: A nice and pretty girl 
Kang Ta (An Chil Hyung) 
Position: Lead Singer 
Full Korean Name: An Chil Hyun 
Nickname: Kam Sang, Kam Kam 
Sibblings ne older brother, one older sister 
Birthday: October 10, 1979 
Height: 180cm 
Weight: 65kg 
Blood Type: B 
Religion: None 
School: Dongguk University 
Hobbies: Singing, dancing, collecting CD's 
Ideal Girl: A petite, short girl with pretty eyes 
Tony An (An Seung Ho) 
Position: English Rapper/Sub-Vocal 
Full Korean Name: An Seung Ho 
Nickname: Sohn Oh Gohng, Rah Myun, Bae Chu 
Sibblings: One older sister 
Birthday: June 7, 1978 
Height: 175cm 
Weight: 58kg 
Blood Type: O 
Religion: Christian 
School: Donggukdae Yun Gook Young Hwa Gwa 
Hobbies: Basketball, Nintendo, Comic Books, Guitar 
Ideal Girl: A nice girl who's willing to love him more than he loves himself 
Jang Woo Hyuk 
Position: Rapper/Dancer 
Full Name: Jang Woo Hyuk 
Nickname: Hammer Boy 
Sibblings: Three older brothers 
Birthday: May 8, 1978 
Height: 176cm 
Weight: 58kg 
Blood Type: O 
Religion: Buddist 
School: Behk Jae Yae Jun Jun Tohng Yae Sul Gwa 
Hobbies: Skateboarding and basketball 
Ideal Girl: Must be innocent!! 

It's probably safe to say that this is the hottest Korean group out there. 
H.O.T. is a group of five guys; their groups name stands for High-Five of 
Teenagers. The first member to be discovered for H.O.T., was An Chil Hyun 
(now known as Kang Ta) while hanging out with his friends at Lotte World 
(a Korean Disneyland, it's one of the largest indoor amusement parks in the 
world, I've been there a dozen times or so). The manager saw him dancing 
and singing and was impressed by what he saw, and approached him with a card. 
Although Kang Ta's father was against him becoming a gasoo, he went on at the 
early age of 14 to begin his training. He began as a backdancer for the current 
popular artist, Yoo Young Jin. 

Moon Hee Jun was the next member to be added to H.O.T. Hee Jun had scheduled 
a meeting with the managers ahead of time so that he might be able to make it. 
The managers liked what he did, and asked him to come back for another audition, 
and luckily enough, he made it! Hee Jun also began as a backdancer for Yoo Young Jin, 
along with Kang Ta. 

Hee Jun, who had heard of Jae Won's dancing skills, became friends with Jae Won, 
and asked him to tryout as well, and made it in. 

Jang Woo Hyuk was the next person -- after winning first place at a dancing contest, 
he was asked to tryout for H.O.T., and became a member of the group. 

The last member of H.O.T. was Tony. The manager, Lee Soo Man, traveled to LA to 
hold tryouts, and both Tony and his close friend Andy (of Shin Hwa) made it in. 
But only after 4 short months of practice, Andy's parents withdrew their support of 
him becoming a gasoo, and Andy dropped out of H.O.T. (but at least he's making it 
big now with Shin Hwa, another big male group). 

The High-Five of Teenagers, debut album -- "We Hate All Kinds of Violence" -- was released 
on September 07, 1996. Their title song was "Junsa Ae Hoo Yeh" (Warrior's Descent), 
but later it was found that the song was plagiarized off a Cyprus Hill song and they stopped performing it 
(even so, most of H.O.T.'s music really isn't original sorry to say, but they do put a nice touch to their music). 
After that they switched songs to "Candy" sending H.O.T. to the top of the charts. 
This catchy and upbeat song quickly became a fad in the Korean music industry. 

After fading away from the crowd, H.O.T. came back on June 28, 1997 with their 2nd album, "Wolf & Sheep". 
Their title song was also called "Wolf & Sheep" but was quickly banned from stations because of explicit language 
(their pretty tough about that in Korea). They then came out with a new song, titled "Haengbok" (Full of Happiness) 
which was at the top of the charts in no time. Their next single, was "We are the Future" which set a record for 
selling over 100,000 copies in only 10 days! H.O.T.'s first concert was held at Olympic Park's Gymnasium Arena from 1/23 - 1/25 1998. 

H.O.T.'s 3rd album, "Resurrection" was released on September 25, 1998 with the titled song, "Yuhl Maj Chwuh" (Line Up!). 
Their next song, "Beet" (Hope) which was written by Kang Ta, was performed next, and received the King of Kings award. 
"Oo Ri Deul Ae Maeng Seh" (Promise of H.O.T.) was performed next, and was written by Kang Ta and Yoo Young Jin. 
HOT had their second concert at Se Jong Cultural Center from 1/22 - 1/28 1999. On a role so far, but wait, there's more... 

The long awaited 4th album titled "I Yah!" was finally released on September 15, 1999, with the title song, "I Yah!". 
Their comeback concert was held at Seoul Olympic Main Stadium on September 18th. During the concert, Hee Jun, 
while performing his song "Too Hon" fell off the stage and injured himself. After "I Yah", "Too Ji" (Git it up!), 
written by Hee Jun was performed. Kang Ta's song, "Hwan Hee" (It's been raining since you left me) was performed next. 

With all of their popularity, H.O.T. went on to Japan to film a movie. Their popular movie, Age of Peace, is out, 
with several other products as well, to include a sound track, photo albums, and more. Once they've finished 
filming their movie in Japan, they made their long awaited reappearance back in Korea. 

The new album is quite a contrast to their last two and includes more of their individual styles. 
With new looks and more mellow music (less of the yelling type they were doing before), 
they made it to the number 1 spots on the charts once again. Their title song "Outside Castle" 
has a very nice tune to it and the dance is no less than what should be expected from this group. 
Though two of the songs have been banned because of legal notices (unfortunately there were more 
plagiarism lawsuits for them), H.O.T. has and will continue to be a legend in Korean Pop Music! 

H.O.T. has managed to come out with more than just music, they've produced a number of products 
to include pop, perfume, necklaces, etc. The pop comes in 3 different flavors and the perfume comes in 
3 different scents, blue is Hero Spicy, green is Optimist Fresh, and red is Twinkle Floral. There are 
necklaces for each member as well. You can buy anything from organizers to stickers, and anything 
else you can thing of that could have their pictures on it. They also have their own line of clothes and 
everything else as well with all the advertising they do. 
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Hot Kiss Images  Photos Pictures Pics Wallpapers Images
Hot Kiss Images  Photos Pictures Pics Wallpapers Images
Hot Kiss Images  Photos Pictures Pics Wallpapers Images
Hot Kiss Images  Photos Pictures Pics Wallpapers Images
Hot Kiss Images  Photos Pictures Pics Wallpapers Images
Hot Kiss Images  Photos Pictures Pics Wallpapers Images
Hot Kiss Images  Photos Pictures Pics Wallpapers Images
Hot Kiss Images  Photos Pictures Pics Wallpapers Images
Hot Kiss Images  Photos Pictures Pics Wallpapers Images
Hot Kiss Images  Photos Pictures Pics Wallpapers Images
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